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Lucid, the mattress serving company for the past seven years has comfort its customers with outstanding deliverables. Whether you want to have memory foam, latex, or hybrid, lucid possesses a wide stock. In 2020 mattress reviews Lucid has occupied a firm place.

I know you are in a keen search of Lucid's productions. That’s why to help you get a reliable and eco-friendly mattress, I am here. Before, but, straightly heading to describing these three classical foams, it is more sufficient to mention the pros and cons.

Passing through the pros and cons section will make your view clear to opt for one of the fine mattresses. So, peek at them and then I’ll discuss furthermore about Lucid’s mattresses.



  • Latex, hybrid, coil, and memory foam are its basic materials
  • Are easily available in the market
  • A certified product
  • Affordable price tag


  • Less durable than many other products


This 10-inch mattress is composed of coils, foams, and has a cover of knit. In this ever-fresh mattress, overall five layers form the body. The topmost 1.5-inch layer is embedded with bamboo charcoal to protect your mattress from any bitter odor.

The second coat is of Aloe Vera and this comfort layer contributes 1 inch in the construction of this mattress. The bottom comfort layer has its presence to empower support to the two upper layers. 5 inches of the cushion layer is also confined to coils. Along with this, the edges of this supreme mattress are also high in density.

A perfect choice for you if

  • You feel comfortable sleeping flat
  • You have a hot night


The plush gel memory foam has a general measurement of 12 inches. Three firm layers contribute to composing this mattress, each overlapping the other. The first one of three inches has a memory foam fixed with cooling gels.

Under this layer, a 1-inch layer of bamboo charcoal is situated. It has a sufficient role to evaporate moisture. The last layer that holds the entire body of the mattress is of 8 inches. It is a thick and highly dense layer. Tencel (a soft fabric from plants) is used to produce the cover of this mattress.

A perfect choice for you if

  • You admire comfortable sleep
  • Side sleeping position excites you
  • You become hot while sleeping


The gel memory foam of 10 inches has a simplified design. It is just comprised of two layers and is a breathable product. It means this amazingly structured mattress allows the passage of air inside to out and vice versa.

The above layer of 2.5 inches is possessed with cooling gel and forms the first layer of the mattress. The second layer, however, has 7.5 inches and exists as the backbone of this mattress.

A perfect choice for you, if

  • You possess a side sleeping position
  • You suffer from back pain
  • Your night sleep makes you hot


The 2020 mattress reviews of lucid reveal that this marvelous brand has a worthful collection of mattresses. If you are a budget onlooker or latex, hybrid, or coil mattresses have your concentration, Lucid stands your list. Plus, this mattress brand saves your pennies by asking for lower prices.

This is, however, a substantial fact that the life-time of Lucid's deliverables is short. As reported by a few consumers, the mattress starts drooping quickly after some time of its use. Overall, Lucid has fantastic quality material but is most preferable to guest houses.